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5 Gifts You Should Never Give a New Mum

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Gift giving is a traditional way to celebrate bringing a new baby into the world, and if someone close to you has just become a mum, no doubt you will want to give her something special that she will love. While there are plenty of gift ideas for new mums out there, finding the right present can be a potential minefield, especially if you’re not a mum yourself.

Here are five gifts you should never give a new mum:

  • Cot bumpers, doonas and pillows. These are not recommended for newborn babies, as they are a potential cause of SIDS. Instead, get a soft baby blanket or wrap.
  • Baby snacks, food or fruit juices. Many baby snacks and fruit juices are full of sugar, and none of them are appropriate for a newborn baby. It’s best to save the food and drink for mum. Breastfeeding tea tastes great, and it can help boost milk supply for new mums.
  • Bath products designed for older children, or adults. Newborn babies have very sensitive skin, and harsh chemicals and perfumes can be irritating. Choose products that are made from natural ingredients and that are designed for newborns.
  • Baby clothes that aren’t machine washable. That pink cashmere cardigan may look completely divine, but hand washing vomit out of it for the next three months is likely to be less appealing. Stick with outfits that are machine washable, and can be tumble-dried.
  • A dummy. Not all parents are comfortable using a dummy and it’s often a very personal decision. It’s best to leave it up to them whether they decide to get one or not. Consider getting a teething ring instead. Babies grow up fast, and soon those gummy grins will be replaced with teething woes. Having something to chew on can save the cot rails and furniture!

While it’s normal to want to buy something for the baby, many new mums can feel as if their entire identity and importance is tied up in their little one, and they may feel pushed to the side with friends and family. New mums deserve to feel special, so why not get her something that is just for her?

Whether it’s her first baby or her fifth, every new mum deserves a bit of pampering, so some lovely bath products, yummy treats or a spa voucher are always a great choice. There are plenty of gifts for new mums out there that will help make her feel special.