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Gifts That Give Twice As Much Good To The World

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Next time you are buying a gift for someone, it’s worth giving some thought to where it came from. Some of the most beautiful and unique gifts are those that aren't mass-produced, but that are made individually by people either locally or overseas, who might otherwise find it difficult to gain employment. By supporting these individual creators, you can enjoy a unique gift, and enhance the life of the artists at the same time.

It seems we’re all becoming a little more conscious of our power as consumers to make choices that not only align with our personal values, but make a positive difference to an individual, community or environment in the wider world.

Below are some of the things we might now take into consideration when thinking of gift ideas for husbands, wives, kids, friends or other family members, or even ourselves!

Is it Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a global organisation that supports the rights of producers all over the world, especially in developing countries where workers are often exploited. If an item is Fair Trade it means that the person creating the product has been fairly reimbursed for their work, it has been produced in safe conditions, and no child labour or trafficking has been involved. Fair Trade items often make unique travel gifts, as they can be sourced from all over the world.

Is it eco-friendly?

With pollution and environmental degradation increasing, people are starting to be more concerned with what they are buying and what impact it has on the environment. Eco-friendly products are made using sustainable practices, and often with recycled materials and recycled packaging. The producers encourage minimal waste and use natural, chemical-free ingredients that don’t damage the environment.

Is it cruelty free?

Animal testing is still ongoing, and unfortunately many cosmetics and cleaning products are produced using cruel and inhumane testing on animals. There is a high demand for cruelty-free cosmetics and there are plenty of products out there that are produced without harming any animals.

Is my purchase making a positive contribution?

The world seems filled with low quality mass produced items. And poverty. It’s also full of individuals who work hard daily creating beautiful pots, fabrics, jewellery and other items as a means of income to support their families.

Because of the need for smaller production, local ingredients and skilled workers, gifts created by individuals and small community artists are often of higher quality, more unique and quirkier than mass-produced items. This makes them perfect for gifts and means that you are not only giving someone you love something really special, you are also ‘giving’ to the artist or creator.

What will you think about next time you’re penning a list of gift ideas for someone special?