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Samana Living – Hand Made Baby Gifts That Give Back

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Do you ever wonder where the gifts we source actually come from? At Boxes of Babylon, we like to focus on gifts that give not only to the receiver, but that also give back to the people who made them. One of our suppliers is Samana Living, whose baby bunnies feature frequently in our baby boxes. Through purchasing these beautiful handmade gifts, you can help support women living and working in rural Bangladesh.

Supporting rural villages

Samana Living supports hundreds of women who work in production centres in rural Bangladesh making the items, including bunnies. As these items are fair trade, it means that they are made without any use of child labour and the creators who do the work are paid a reasonable wage and are free from exploitation.

The process

Around 7000 women work at Samana Living’s rural production centres, filling the work orders with raw materials that come via bus from the distribution department in Dhaka. Once the basic items are made (minus the final finishing touches like faces) they are sent back to Dhaka. They are then finished by a team of trained and skilled finishing staff, who add faces and other details and check they are all correct.

Once they are finished, they are washed and then sent to be labelled and packed and sent off to a worldwide network of distributors.

The benefits of artisan handmade gifts

Giving someone something as unique as one of Samana Living’s handmade organic bunnies is sure to be appreciated, and by doing so you are supporting traditional artisans and helping them preserve centuries-old skills. If there were no demand for items made using these skills, they would be likely to be lost forever.

Supporting grassroots communities also means helping the residents of these communities access a better standard of living, as well as education for their children. The women that work creating products like these are saved from the need to migrate to the cities nearby, which means that they have flexible working opportunities allowing them to be near their homes and families.

Samana Living products

The Samana Living organic bunnies are the perfect gift for a newborn baby. Made from all natural materials, these beautiful, charming toys are machine washable and tumble drier friendly, for the ultimate in practicality as well as appeal and are WFTO certified.

Next time you are looking for a gift for a new baby and mother, try giving something that everyone will love, especially your conscience.