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​The Science of Gift Giving: Why it’s Actually Good for You

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Everyone loves receiving a gift, but what might not be so well known is that there are a number of benefits for the giver as well. That’s according to several scientific studies. Let’s take a look.

Science says so

An article published by the Greater Good Centre at the University of California Berkeley outlined five fabulous ways that giving to others is good for you. Its reference was not one, but several studies that backed up the belief that giving is good for the giver, and the community. To summarise, the article maintains that gift giving:

  • Makes us feel happy by activating areas of the brain associated with happiness, pleasure, social connection and positivity.
  • Is good for our health. One theory is that giving helps reduce stress, thereby improving physical and mental health.
  • Improves social connections. When you treat others well, they are more likely to respond in kind. When you feel happier, you feel more positive towards those around you.
  • Evokes gratitude, which studies suggest is vital to good health, happiness and relationships.
  • Is contagious. Gift giving may apparently spur others on to do the same thing.

Giving any time

If, like many people, you associate gift giving with special occasions, then remember that you don’t need to wait for a reason to spread the love. Giving a gift should be about buying for someone we feel special about, and we don’t need a birthday or anniversary to do it. There are plenty of reasons to give a gift, such as a new baby, a new job, a new home or a trip overseas. You might even just want to buy a gift for someone for no other reason than to remind them that you care. An unexpected gift is definitely going to make someone feel just that extra bit special.

Giving made easy

While giving can be good for your mental health, peak-hour shopping centres definitely aren’t. There are a couple of ways that giving can be made easy. First of all, get attuned to online shopping, which helps you avoid the crowds, and browse easily in the comfort of your own home. And secondly, choose wisely by let others doing the hard work. A gift box full of hand-selected quality items is the perfect way to show you care, and do so in style.

Boxes for everyone

So what are some examples?

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