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Business Collection Customisation

Our collections are curated to reflect globally recognised themes and passions for everyone - boxes that speak to your inner love of design and innovation. Our bespoke gift collection is curated with a limited edition in mind. Only 500 of each design will be curated into a limited edition ensuring that your gift is unique. We ask you to join our community and keep up to date on new released boxes and discover the designers we are working with to create Boxes of Babylon.

Unique and limited

Unique & Limited
Edition Collections

only 500

Limited Edition
500 per Collection

sourced worldwide

Sourced Worldwide

We have explored the world, researching globally what the business community are inspired by and we have curated this collection bringing global design to your gift giving.


At Boxes of Babylon we enjoy curating our bespoke gift collections that have the business community in mind. We understand the challenges you face with finding those special VIP gifts or to celebrate end of financial year without it being too personal or too bland. We realised that there are only so many flowers you can send or bottles of wine you can provide. Our business inspired gift range is curated with the discerning business man or woman in mind with some special items in between.


We are excited to offer a full service offering to corporates

For orders over 100, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to select products that represent your brand and your company values. We will then curate a unique one of a kind offering ideal for those special VIP gifts or to celebrate end of financial year. With orders of 250 boxes we can also offer opportunities to customise the packaging to include branded logo placement, these include:

  • Customised stickers to attach to gift cards
  • Customised decals to go on the top of the gift box
  • Customised gift cards/swing tags
  • Customised paper bags to carry gift box in
  • Customised ribbon to go around the gift box
  • Customised tissue paper to secure the product within the gift box


For orders over 100, we suggest a 3 month lead time

For orders 20-100, please call Julia Barnard to discuss your fulfillment

Email: |  Phone: 02 9810 9981