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Designer Life Christmas Gift Box Including GST

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Designer Life Christmas Gift Box Including GST

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1. Keep Resin Ramekin

Beautiful organic handmade resin sugar ramekin in a stone grey.

2. Keep Resin Teaspoon

Beautiful organic handmade resin tea spoon in a granite grey.

3. Keep Resin Placemat

Beautiful organic handmade resin placemat in a stone grey.

4. The Zumbo Files by Adriano Zumbo

The Zumbo Files reveals the recipe secrets of master patissier Adriano Zumbo, dubbed the 'Sweet Assassin'.

5. Robert Gordon Barista Latte Cup

Taking inspiration from vintage cut glass, each piece is elegantly etched and designed to fit perfectly under your home coffee machine.

6. Robert Gordon Mini Bottle

This sweet little bottle is inspired by the glass nectar bottles of yesteryear, lovely as a milk pourer and a cute decorative piece.

7. Kinto UNIMUG
Unimug is the mug series to brew tea leaves easily. The transparent strainers and lids are coloured with a quiet tone, and it gives chic atmosphere. The mug is made of heat resistant glass with wide curved handles

8. Jean Michel Christmas Ginger Bread
Renowned French Patisserie Jean Michel Raynaud, author of the best seller “The French Baker” creates a Christmas ginger bread collection of two mouth watering cookies.