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Family Gardening x 5 products - Delivery Included

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Family Gardening x 5 products - Delivery Included

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The Little Veggie Patch Heirloom Seeds

1 x Basil Heirloom Seeds • 1 x Carrot Heirloom Seeds • 1 x Red Tomato Heirloom Seeds • 1 x Yellow Tomato Pear Heirloom Seeds

Trowel and Fork
Wooden Trowel and Fork

Garden Markers
Set of 6 wooden garden markers

Watering Can and Bucket
The 2 in 1 is a bucket and watering can. Bright, bold and incredibly practical, the 2in1 twists down flat and stays that way. Ideal for
the garden, cleaning, camping, boating or anywhere!

The Little Veggie Patch How to Grow Cards
The Little Veggie Patch Co’s How-to Cards on planting, growing and harvesting your 26 favourite vegetables. Plus bonus recipes!