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For The Love Of Cooking Christmas Gift Box Including GST

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For The Love Of Cooking Christmas Gift Box Including GST

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1. Sagaform Marinade Set Pipette Brush

Store your marinade in the glass blown bottle until you are ready to use it. Then simply use the silicone pump to and brush to apply the marinade.

2. Cooked to Perfection - Digital Thermometer

Cook like an expert with this accurate, easy-to-operate digital thermometer. ‘Cooked to Perfection’ measures the internal temperature of your beef, pork, poultry or lamb in seconds helping you cook your food just the way you like it!

3. Mr. Wilkinson's Simply Dressed Salads by Matt Wilkinson 

Matt Wilkinson's passion is based on sourcing the very best seasonal and local produce to make simple dishes that allow the flavours of fine ingredients to shine through.

4. Keep Resin Placemat

Beautifully organic handmade resin board in a grey marble. The perfect piece to serve a hot cup of coffee on or use as a cheese platter.

5. Keep Resin Cheese Knife

Beautifully organic handmade resin cheese knife in a caramel gold. The perfect piece to accompany any cheese platter.

6. Jean Michel Christmas Ginger Bread

Renowned French Patisserie Jean Michel Raynaud, author of the best seller “The French Baker” creates a Christmas ginger bread collection of two mouth watering cookies.