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Hip Mumma Collection

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Hip Mumma Collection

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For the urban and open minded mum that wants to show off her babies personality then this collection is for you. You will have other mothers ask you , "where did you get that" as you showcase your latest teething and baby bib in one bought to you straight from Europe or simply sit back and laugh over the pages of How to be a Hip Mamma. If you want to embrace motherhood without losing yourself then this collection is for you. Nine gifts in total she will be ready to leave the house.

  • 1 x Donkey Product Kids Ambulance spoon
  • 1 x Nana Huchey soft toy
  • 1 x Nana Huchey rattle
  • 1 x How to be a Hip Mama without Losing your cool hardcover book
  • 1 x Cool it Penguin
  • 1 x Yochi Yochi 3 in 1 Portable Chair
  • 1 x Cheeky Chompers Dribble Bib
  • 2 x Siliskin Sippy cups

*Please note gift box will feature one of the Nana Huchey soft toys and one of the Nana Huchey rattles

1. Donkey Products Kids Ambulance Spoon

This Kids’ Spoon takes the game of parking the car in the garage to a whole new level. Anyone who’s ever tried to feed a fussy child knows how the game goes… “Broom, Broom! Here comes the car, it’s heading for the garage! It better open up!” Sometimes, it can get exhausting. But Donkey has designed a spoon with an ambulance on wheels actually attached to the handle of the spoon, so imagination can come to life! Design: Ambulance Length: 14cm.



2. Nana Huchey Tommy the Tiger soft toy

Fresh from the jungle and on the prowl for new friends, friendly Tommy's black and white pattern is wonderful for a new born baby's eyes. Dimension: 37 cm Machine washable, cold gentle cycle and line dry Material: cotton/polyester blend, with poly fill Designed in Melbourne, Australia




3. Zac the Zebra Rattle

Small enough for little hands to hold and shake, his black and white stripes are the perfect contrast for a newborn's vision. Zac will be a loved one for sure. Dimension: 19cm Machine washable, cold gentle cycle and line dry Material: cotton/polyester blend, with poly fill Designed in Melbourne, Australia



4. Nana Huchey Zac the Zebra soft toy

Zac's black and white knit is wonderful stimulation for a new born baby's eyes. Newborns prefer black and white patterns which have a high contrast to the eye and thus are the most visible and attractive to babies! Dimension: 31cm Machine washable, cold gentle cycle and line dry Material: cotton/polyester blend, with poly fill Designed in Melbourne, Australia



5. Nana Huchey Tommy the Tiger rattle

Tommy is the cutest little tiger in the jungle, and because newborns prefer to look at high-contrast colours Tommy will be a visual delight! Dimensions: 19cm Machine washable, cold gentle cycle and line dry Material: cotton/polyester blend, with poly fill Designed in Melbourne, Australia



6. How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool by Jenny Scott

When Jenny Scott had her son she thought she was prepared, but in reality she had no idea of the challenges of motherhood. A successful creative director and graphic designer, Jenny was used to a busy work and social schedule and soon found herself sick of daytime TV and trawling twee baby websites that were obsessed with nappies and nipple cream. Determined to get out of the tracksuit and make use of not having a stressful job, she set out to meet a whole group of hip mum friends with the same interests as her, who were embracing motherhood as a new, exciting chapter in their lives.



7. Cool it – Penguins Cool It!

Cold packs are perfect for bumps and bruises. Safe, soothing and reusable, these super cute penguins will help you Cool It! They can also be used as mini heat packs so you can slip them in your pocket or wherever you need instant heat. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic, they come in colours blue, pink, green and purple.



8. Yochi Yochi – A 3 in 1 child Portable Chair

Three in one safety uses: Walking Harness: Avoid spontaneous runs and keep your child within arm’s reach, great for toddlers just learning to walk, or for keeping older children close in public/crowded places. Portable High Chair: Turn any dining chair into a portable high chair. Babies remain safe, and there are no escape routes for toddlers to pre-schoolers during dinner time. Shopping Trolley Helper: Make sure they don’t escape when you’re reaching for the bread. The Yochi Yochi is recommended for children who can sit up unsupported (approx. 6 mos.) to 5 yrs. (max. chest/tummy size 25.5") Fits on most chairs: Chair back width (15cms – 60cms, not suitable on backless chairs) Recommended age of use: approx. 6months - 5 years



9. Cheeky Chompers - The Original Chewy Dribble Bib for Teething Tots

2 Bibs in 1, neckerchew combines the popular dribble bib concept with an attached chewy teether designed to sooth teething gums, and its soft, super-absorbent cotton soaks up all those teething dribbles. Fun animal print with Chewy the hippo and friends, with a winter white reverse 2 Bibs in 1 Super absorbent - 3 layers Plain layers: 100% cotton Patterned fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane Recommended age of use: approx. 2 months – 2 years Machine Washable Designed and made in the UK


Artist Behind The Product / Cheeky Chompers - Amy Livingstone & Julie Wilson

Amy & Julie, two mumtrepreneurs who started Cheeky Chompers while they were on maternity leave with their first children. The Neckerchew was born after lots of catch ups with friends, where they witnessed countless dropped, dirty and lost teethers. In 2013, over 9 months they put this into action and in the first 18 months sold over 100,000.



10. Siliskin Sippy top

No longer will you need to hold the glass of water while your child sips, Siliskin Sippy Tops simply stretches over the top of a glass instantly transforming many glasses into a child’s Sippy cup. Dishwasher safe, Can be boiled to sterilize, Added stretch and shock absorption bands help protect glass. Recommended use for 2.5" or less diameter cup Pack – 2 pack Colour – Blue/Green




All gifts come packaged in a beautifully presented matte linen gift box, gift wrapped in soft layers of black tissue paper & completed with a stunning copper embossed seal – hand delivered to your door.