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Our collections are curated to reflect globally recognised themes and passions for everyone - boxes that speak to your inner love of design and innovation. Our bespoke gift collection is curated with a limited edition in mind. Only 500 of each design will be curated into a limited edition ensuring that your gift is unique. We ask you to join our community and keep up to date on new released boxes and discover the designers we are working with to create Boxes of Babylon.

Unique and limited

Unique & Limited
Edition Collections

only 500

Limited Edition
500 per Collection

sourced worldwide

Sourced Worldwide


Behind the Scenes Video of How Boxes of Babylon was Born!

Video coming soon!

Julia barnard // Explores the Beaten Track

Hello, I'm Julia, the founder of Boxes of Babylon. I have been fortunate to truly explore the world over the years: from Kenya to India, from Bhutan to Europe and all the amazing places in our own backyard. I want to share my experiences and the talents of the unique artisans I have come across. What's more, I want to transform them into meaningful gift giving.


Boxes of Babylon aims to provide evocative and meaningful moments, akin to a child's anticipation at finding a favourite at the bottom of their lolly bag, an explorer discovering an exotic and unmarked location; or an archaelogist revealing the treasures of kings and queens past. What better gift to give someone that experience?


Our team has travelled the world to bring you the bespoke, the distinctive and the inspirational. We look forward to unlocking the best in global design to inspire your gift giving, and are so very excited to bring you Boxes of Babylon in 2015.

Managing Director
Traveller & Treasure Hunter