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1 x The Minski Co. Bleu Breastfeeding Cover

1 x Organic Merchant Tea – Women’s Wellness Tea

1 x Aromatherapy Botty Balm

1. The Minski Co. Bleu Breastfeeding Cover

The Bleu Minski Co. Wrap is an exotic pattern that reflects a sophisticated look - Bringing out the playfullness and colour in any new mum. The tailored oval cut allows for adequate coverage without being lost in a mass of fabric, while the light weight material provides a breathable cover and the rigid boning of the neckline makes for hands free eye to eye contact, visibility and usability.

Size: 100 cm wide x 60 cm drop

Wrap: 100% Polyester/Tie: 100% Linen

Designed in Sydney, Australia


2. Organic Merchant Tea Woman’s Wellness Tea

Blended by hand from local and internationally sourced tea growers, Organic Merchant is a naturopathically blended range of organic herbal teas. Honouring the traditions of herbal medicine, the range has been expertly hand crafted for their nutrient value, beneficial effect and traditional therapeutic properties.

Women's Wellness Tea An exotic blend of fruit-spice with earthy tones. This nurturing blend contains herbs traditionally used to regulate hormones and support the liver, with others selected for their nutritive properties, rich in vitamin C and iron to nourish good blood stores.

Weight: 40g, Australian designed


3. The Aromatherapy Company Baby Botty Balm

Protecting your baby’s skin, this calming balm has been specially formulated to gently relieve and nourish your little one’s botty, a natural barrier with healing properties for all skin rashes, irritations or extreme dryness. Naturally calming, soothing and healing, it is particularly helpful for rashes on neck, elbows, back of the knees and on the chin.

Product Details: 75ml

Recommended age for use: newborns