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St.George Bank Exclusive Christmas Boxes




Signature packaging

All gifts come packaged in a beautifully presented matte linen gift box, gift wrapped in soft layers of black tissue paper and with completed with a stunning copper embossed seal – hand delivered.


Gift Card 

A Boxes of Babylon gift card with a personal message to accompany your gift will be included.



If an order is received by 9am - we can offer delivery within two business working days for all Sydney customers. If an order is received after 10 am, this may take upto 3 days, we offer the below for all Australian Capital Cities and surrounding metro areas (up to 200kms radius of the Capital Cities)


Sydney: 2-days                                  Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra: 2-3 business days

Adelaide: 3-4 business days            Perth, Hobart & Darwin: 4 -10 business days 



Standard delivery charge of  $ 15.50 inc GST . Areas outside a 200km radius of Australian Capital Cities incur a charge of $ 31.00 inc GST.

P: 1300 131 267

Our collection focusses on globally recognised themes such as FOR THE LOVE OF BABY and FOR THE LOVE OF HER. We have designed boxes with the latest and greatest products from around the globe that are both beautiful but most importantly a must have!


We have listened, we have researched and we have left no design door unlocked to find products that represent you, the gift giver! We hear the challenges of finding the perfect gift for HIM so with that in mind we have designed a range FOR THE LOVE OF HIM. With products that are still not seen in Australia we have curated boxes that speak to his inner travel needs, his business needs and to inspire him.

At Boxes of Babylon our bespoke gift collection transcends trends and delivers thought provoking gifts that tell a visual story of cutting edge design. We ensure we have tailored to all ages and demographics from your mum to your sister, to your brother to your grandfather and all those special people in between we have created a gift range that answers all your gift giving needs


Thank you for joining our gift giving community we hope you enjoy exploring our range.