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Welcome Summer Family Box Including GST

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Welcome Summer Family Box Including GST

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1. The Little Veggie Patch Heirloom Seeds

The Little Veggie Patch Heirloom Seeds, pack includes:

• 1 x Basil Heirloom Seeds • 1 x Carrot Heirloom Seeds • 1 x Red Tomato Heirloom Seeds • 1 x Yellow Tomato Pear Heirloom Seeds

2. Trowel and Fork

Wooden Trowel and Fork

3. Garden Markers

Set of 6 wooden garden markers

4. Watering Can and Bucket

The 2 in 1 is a bucket and watering can. Bright, bold and incredibly practical, the 2in1 twists down flat and stays that way. Ideal for the garden, cleaning, camping, boating or anywhere!

5. The Little Veggie Patch How to Grow Cards

The Little Veggie Patch Co's How-to Cards on planting, growing and harvesting your 26 favourite vegetables. Plus bonus recipes!

6. Hemp Denim Apron with 5 Piece Bamboo Utensil Set

Inspired by old style tool sets and high-end chef knives sets, the Maker's Apron and Bamboo set was created. All rolled up into one clever and convenient maker's set. The Maker's Apron is combined with a thoughtful selection of bamboo utensils.

7. Sagaform Hamburger Press

Easily and quickly create uniform burgers with this single hamburger press from Sagaform. It features an aluminium and black melamine construction and includes a base and handled press plate. 

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